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Closing objects not yet associated with a MagicFolder

We installed the MagicFolder app last week. Since installing MagicFolder, whenever an Action, Gift or constituent record is closed, the user is redirected from Raiser's Edge to the last application (e.g., Outlook, Word) that s/he was in. While the user can get back into RE by maximizing the icon in the desktop menu, it is an annoyance from the end-user's perspective.  Is there a way to prevent this redirection?

Hi Stacey,

Are you sure this is a Magic Folder issue specifically? We noticed this behaviour when users had AppOmatic installed. If it's the same issue as we were having, the dev team tell me they are working on it. I'm very interested to know whether or not this is related to our problem.

Hi Tom. Thanks for clarifying...I made the connection to MagicFolder as that is the only AppOmatic app we are currently using but yes, I do believe this issue is related to AppOmatic. Glad to hear the dev team is working on it.
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