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Running Segment-O-Matic

I would like to reach out to the SOM user community to see if others are experiancing the same issues we are.

I have SOM set up for a direct mail segment, which includes somewhere around 80,000 records. My entire database has under 300,000 constituent records. When I try to run or refresh the segment, SOM gets hung up on the first screen, and then doesnt complete for at least an 1/2 if not longer.

I have been in touch with Omatic Support, as well as my own IT team, and we are a bit baffled.

Anyone else experiancing extra long processing times, or any other issues with SOM performance?

Thanks in advance!

I have problems when I check the box for soft credits to be included where it completly freezes. Omatic is aware of it. Right now I'm not using that feature. I ran my mailing today...over 1 million records in my omit files, and 200,000 records in my 15 selection segments. It took 45 minutes.

If you are checking the soft credit box, I would try without it and see if that helps. I'm not sure how much that will affect your segmenting though...depends on the level of soft credits beyond the household level.
Hi Laura,

Thanks. I have not used soft credits yet in the SOM segmentations I built. OMatic says that running these segments should not take that long. 45 minutes to me seems unacceptable considering it holds up RE for the entire time its running.

I am hoping by way of this forum/post I can find users like you experiancing this long process. may I ask what kind of operating system your set up on? How much memory? 32 bit or 64 bit?

Hi Laura,

There is a forthcoming version of Segment-O-Matic due this week that is centered solely on improving processing performance. Processing tens of thousands of constituents and with tens of thousands of gifts into hundreds of segments is never going to be instant, but I think you will find that this version is measurably faster. What sort of machine are you running on? If it's not a fast machine, do you have the option of trying it on one to see if it makes a difference? Do you know if you are using the express version of SQL Server instead of the full-blown SQL Server? The express version is limited to using one gig of RAM and a single processor core, so you'll want to make sure you have the full version of SQL if you don't already.

Please let us know what you find when you try the latest version.

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