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New tool for IOM: SplitOmatic for large data files

In working with organizations doing Haiti Relief work we've encountered folks with huge import data files that would like to break  them down into more manageable chunks. To speed that process up a bit we developed a free utility to do just that. Simply point it at a source folder that contains your .CSV files and specify an output folder and the number of data rows per file that you would like to have, then hit the start button. If you'd like to use it, it's attached to this post. Enjoy!



And of course, this software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement.  The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the software remains with you.


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Will this allow for multiple staff to work on sections of the original large file?
Also, can multiple staff access CW to download files at the same time?
Hi Linda,

Yes, multiple people can use Import-O-Matic simultaneously. Not sure what you mean by CW?

Since our Raiser's Edge is hosted by Blackbaud, we go through them when upgrading IOM. Would I also need to work with BB to access Split-O-Matic? Thanks for your insight.

Hi Stacey,

Split-O-Matic does not require the Raiser's Edge, so you could actually use it on your local machine with your data files before you upload them to the hosted environment. So no need to involve BB on this one.

Hi, Jeff,
I finally got around to trying this tool and it is great!

I split a file of over 200,000 records into easier-to-manage 10,000 record chunks and it took less than a minute to complete the process. For anyone wondering, the tool also copies your column headers to each new file.

Thank you so much for offering it as a free download and making it so easy to use!

Split-O-Matic download


Is this still a current tool that can be used?

Will this utility create any background tables?

This tool is for use in Excel and is a free tool that we created. It has not been tested recently but I assume it still works. It does not link to Raiser's Edge or ImportOmatic so it will not create any background tables in those systems.

Thank you

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