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RegEx to blank field if it contains specific phrase

I am looking for a regular expression to delete the entire contents of a field if it contains a specific phrase. I am using this to delete emails containing "" as DD automatically adds these email to constituents you enter as offline but we do not want them in our RE database. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Rachel,

If the value is always you can create a dictionary to replace that value with -BLANK- without needing regex.  To add -BLANK- as a replacement value, simply leave the replacement value field empty and click the + button.  




The field is will contain a full email address, example I need to know how to delete the full email using the criteria of contains "" since the name before the @ will be different for each constituent. I can only seem to get it to delete the, not everything else as well.

For your replacement value you would leave it blank and for your value to match on you would use .*@offline\.donordrive\.com

Turn on regular expressions for the blank row.
I just tried that but it isn't working. When I go to test it with the value of it has an output of the same email. Any idea?

Could you post a screenshot of what you have? It worked correctly for me.
Here is the screenshot. Thank you for your help.

Hi Rachel,

It looks like your screen shot didn't come through. Did you check "Use Regular Expressions"?


Thank you,
Omatic Software

Yes, I have that checked my dictionary looks exactly the same as yours as far as I can see. I even tried to create a new one and it still is not deleting the content. Here, I got the screen shot to work.


Try double clicking on the ".*@offline\.donordrive\.com", is there an extra space at the end?
Yup, that was it. It's always something simple. Thank you so much for your help.
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