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Using regex to translate phone #

Some of our donors enter phone # like 4164164416 or 416-416-4416.How can I use regex to change them to or format (416)416-4416 when I import to RE. 

I tried to use the dictionary:

Replacement Value: --BLANK-- (just press the + in the Replacement value to get the BLANK value)
Value to match on:\D

But RE did not apply the phone number formatting set up

I got

Please help, Many thanks,
Hi Sandra,

Delete the entry by highlighting the --BLANK-- and hitting delete on your keyboard.

Then place your cursor in the Replacement Values box, and hit Enter. This will give you an entry for -- BLANK -- (by just pressing Enter or the + button, you'll get the entry with the spaces). Now you can add the Values to Match on of \D.

Remember to check the box to "Use Regular Expressions".

Please let me know if it's still not translating properly.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Hi Amanda,

I got it, it works. Thank you Amanda.


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