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How to remove a value on Bio2

Hello everyone,

I want to delete/remove the value in the Credit Card Type field in Bio2.  Currently it's ~ and I want it to be gone!  How do I go about doing this as it's not a constituent field that is available for choosing.  My data file looks like this:

Credit Card Type      Constituent Import ID
      ~                              10203

Thanks for your help.



Barbara A. Schlichter

Assistant Director, Information Services

Institutional Advancement

41 Mall Road

Burlington, MA  01805

Hi Barbara,
Currently, those fields are not available for mapping in IOM. You can request that functionality in a future version by submitting to our UserVoice site:

Upon further review of your issue, it appears that you cannot globally delete/change this field in RE either. One of our consultants mentioned this scenario as one that she also encountered in her previous nonprofit job and had to manually re-key all the bad entries.

If there are way too many for your taste, we have a development department that could investigate writing a script for you to solve your issue. Contact if that's something you might want to do.

Hope this helps!
Stephanie Johnson
Thanks for the answer, Stephanie. I think we'll just ignore the field for now, and when I feel like mindless task work, I'll tackle the 2500 we have!
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