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Using PostOmatic with NXT and hosted environment

We are planning to move to NXT.  We currently have our data onsite so we are moving to hosted environment for the first time also. 

We use PostOmatic to send our gifts to a GURFEED folder where they are swept to Banner Finance. 

My question to anyone who already does this is what do you have for your output setting?  When you click the Settings button at the bottom of the PostOmatic window, what do you have listed for 'File output folder?'

Hi Forrest,

I would love to hear if you get any replies to this post. We use RE 7.93 and are also not hosted. The primary functions that are keeping me from moving to a hosted environment and NXT are 1) the ability to use automated queue to run scheduled reports that are then a) emailed directly to vendors/staff who do not have access to RE and b) exported directly to a specific file location which is then accessed by an automated process to update another key software system, similar to what you are doing to move gifts to Banner Finance.

My understanding is that 1) the upgrade to 7.95 introduced bugs into automated/scheduled queue which have not been fixed; 2) Blackbaud hosted clients cannot email reports automatically from queue; and 3) Blackbaud hosted clients cannot direct an export to a specific folder for another system to access. I have heard that Concourse Hosting could meet my needs for the email and folder locations, but since we cannot move to NXT without upgrading 7.96 which removes the ability to run scheduled queues, there was no need for us to move to a hosted solution.

Please let me know what your experience is as you move through your upgrade to NXT and good luck with your conversion to hosted.

Debra Holcomb

Debra Holcomb
Yosemite Conservancy
(415) 434-8446 ext. 319
We are on 7.96 currently and yes, there are problems with the Queue service.

I haven't used the email function because our Exchange server security made it tough.

Queue won't export a Custom Report in .pdf format. This has caused me some heartburn.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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