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HELP!!! Need to global delete prospect financial information from bad import!

I am new to this forum so bear with me.  I am still a newbie to Raiser's Edge NXT and Importomatic.  I need help cleaning up a bad import. RE Support hasn't been able to help me so far (this is day #2).  I need to delete financial information on the prospect tab.  I had a large file that I tried to import using Raiser's Edge import but the system crashed.  I divided the file into 4 smaller files and imported them but didn't realize that it had already imported some of the information before it crashed.  I may have even tried it twice before I realized that the file was too big.  Is there a limit on how many 'rows' a data file can have before it crashes.  This was around 80,000. is a huge MESSSSSSSS.  I just need to delete it all and then re-import but the global delete only deletes RATING information not FINANCIAL information on the prospect tab.  Is there any plug-in's or Omatic magic products out there that I can use to fix this before my gift officers flip out???  I already have importomatic but I've only done a few imports and have very little experience configuring my own profiles.  


Unfortunately ImportOMatic doesn't really do deletes. Blackbaud is probably your best bet.

Hope you sorted this. RE Global Change also does deletes so that's how to fix issues like this one.

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