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Attaching solicitor to all of donor's future gifts

When I assign a solicitor to a donor's record I want that solicitor to be attached to every future gift that I import for that donor until I delete the assignment. This isn't currently happening. Any ideas?


BTW - I don't know if this is an RE issue or an Import-O-Matic issue. I've tried Blackbaud. They couldn't figure it out so they've opened a case.
I am not sure this is a solution IOM can provide.

The only thing I can think of is to import them to batch and then manually add the solicitor column and go through each one and see if an active solicitor shows up. This is what I do now which could be time consuming if you have a high volume.

I also have a query to look for gifts with no solicitor on records with a solicitor - this is in my weekly audit query folder. That may be another option.
Thanks, Melissa. I like the query option. I'll try that if Blackbaud doesn't come up with anything.
I setup a query to show me all of the donors who have a solicitor assignment on their Relationship tab AND they've given us a gift in the last week. The only gifts that had a solicitor attached to them were gifts that had been processed via a cash batch. All the others were imported via Import-O-Matic. So it does seem to be an Import-O-Matic issue.
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