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Gifts imported to Deceased Records?

Anyone having problems with deceased records?  I'd love to get an exception if we attempt to import a gift to a deceased record... 

I suppose we should count us lucky to have so many zombie gifts, but gee!  ;)

I would not want an exception if I was importing estate gifts. How often does this really happen?
Hi Kelli,

Currently Import-O-Matic does not give an exception when importing a gift to a deceased record. You would be able to receive the exception with our API in the current version of IOM.

To use the API you would need someone who can program in Visual Basic to write routines to accomplish your desired outcomes. In this case, you would want the API to give an exception if a constituent record is marked deceased when importing gifts. We also offer programming services through our Professional Services division, please let me know if you would be interested in having someone contact you about that.

O-matic Support
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