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Alias causing exceptions

Hi All-

I am having an issue as I'm trying to import some attributes.  The files are small with not a lot of info on them so what I'm asking Omatic to do a match or add Alias with a simple criteria match on first, last and middle.  These are small files so I can click through where I need to.  I have done about 10 of these files in the past but today, they continue  to push multiple exceptions out with the error: "Line 1: No record could be found for the specified ID or alias: 'CIT087189'"

Out of a file of 411 records, 179 errored out this way.  I can't deal with that type of error rate.  I have it set to "perform a duplicate search when a record cannot be matched by ID" and I have no ID in the file.  I have the setting:  "constituent Alias set to match or Add" I have done about 10 of these files over the last couple of months and have not had this issue.  Files are set up the exact same way. The records that did match and update had the Alias because it was added by a previous import just like what I'm trying to do here.

We are hosted and there was an Omatic update last night - what could have changed to cause these errors?

 I need to get these in based on first, last and middle names, but the import will not even take me to side by side updates no matter what I have checked.  I need some help to figure this one out - I still have about 10 of these files to go. I have recreated the import profile with the same result.

Hi Kim,

ID Matching has been updated to include the alias and requires an update to your profile processing options.

Please open the profile in question and highlight "ID matching" in the left hand profile navigation pane. Change the setting selection to "Continue Processing the Data Row".
Hi John-
That is already marked and has been. Any other ideas?
Hi Kim, since that didn't solve it I have created a support case on your behalf to further research the issue. Once we have determined a resolution, I will post the resolution on this forum post. I have emailed your from the case created and look forward to your reply!

Thank you!

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