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Updating addresses

We are bringing in address changes uncovered through a telemarketing effort.  Because of the quality of the "new" data, we are looking at each address one-by-one and deciding then if what we have in RE is more current or accurate than the telemarketing file.  In the cases where I have a real address change I want to bring in through I-o-m - how do I make sure that address update happens to the spouse record at the same time (we have a mix of spouses who are and are not separate constituents.)

I haven't come across a setting in the Profile that speaks to this issue, but it seems pretty basic.  Did I miss something?



are the addresses linked in RE?
Most are
So the question really is what happens when you update a linked address? My assumption is that it automatically chooses the "update both" option and does not break the link but I am not 100% sure. Can someone confirm this?
It does not automatically update both - so I'm currently left with Bio 1 updated address and a linked address that is the old address. That's why I asked if I'm missing a setting somewhere in the O-Matic profile.
So, basically, the answer to my original question is - No, I did not miss anything. It's not possible to do shoirt of wholly re-working my adress change file.

I found a more accurate - albeit manual - way to do it, since I don't know from the address changes file, who has a spouse and who doesn't. Thanks anyway.
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