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importing prospect ratings

Hi, all.  I'm new to Omatic.  I work for a hospital foundation and we use Raiser's Edge.  I want to import lists of inpatients and outpatients who have been wealth-screened.  I've got a profile set up that works except for one issue.  Many of the patients (especially outpatients) use our facilities several times, some 2-3 times a week.  We wealth-screen daily so they get screened frequently.  Upon importing I want to create a prospect rating (if one doesn't exist) or update an existing prospect rating (if one exists).  As I have my profile currently set up, when I import there is a new prospect rating created regardless of whether or not one currently exists.  This will create a situation where a prospect/donor could have dozens of prospect ratings - all with the same information.

Is there a way to overwrite an existing prospect rating when importing if the source and category match?  (In the profile, under Prospect and Ratings, I have selected "Source and Category" where it says Match to existing ratings based on:...)

Thanks for your help,

Donna Fischer

The Valley Hospital Foundation

Hi Donna,

If you're matching on the source and category, it should update the existing rating. What version of IOM are you using?

I am sorry you're encountering a more complicated issue! In order to properly assist you with this particular issue, I will need to examine the following files: the data file and the IOM profile being used for this import. Please send these files to so that I can better assist you with your issue. When I have a resolution, I will post to this thread.

To send your IOM profile, please follow these steps:

* Go to IOM Configuration
* Highlight the name of the profile you are using
* Right click on it and choose to export
* Send the .xml file that is created
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_profilename>.xml

Omatic Support

Hello Donna,

Thank you for sending your files in and for speaking with me last week to look at importing prospect ratings.

The problem was that the value for the source was not an exact match to the table entry in RE. Because it didn't match the Source table, IOM wasn't able to match to the existing source so it made a new one. The table entries need to match exactly on spelling, casing and spacing. In this case, the table entry didn't match on the casing (Tableentry vs TableEntry).

When we changed the value in a virtual field (a dictionary would work too) the prospect ratings were importing as desired.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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