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Education Majors and Minors

We have an import file of constituents with an education relationship.  Each row has the option for multiple majors and/or minors.  Their is a colunm in the database that has a value of MAJ or MIN to indicate which it is.  Is there a way to check the value for MAJ or MIN and then determine where it goes in the mapping?  For example -
Const1 MAJ Business MAJ Marketing MIN Advertising  
Const2 MAJ Marketing Min Advertising Min Basket Weaving  
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Hi Kathy,
Great question! Responding to this very common client data scenario, last year we released the free Open API for ImportOmatic. The robust API allows users to easily write If…Then…Else logic for imported field values.

If you have a programming resource at your organization, then this would be a fun project for them! If not, we do have a division of experts here at Omatic that you can hire to write the script for you.

Please let me know if you have additional questions on how to get started down either path.
Many thanks,
Stephanie Johnson
Omatic Support
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