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Caller ID for Raiser's Edge - autopop caller's constit record - beta testers needed

Hi Everyone,
We've developed a new module for the Raiser's Edge that uses Caller ID to automatically pop open a constituent's record as they are calling in. It can also "speed-dial" out from a constituent's record saving you the time of manually typing in the number. We need some beta testers that would be willing to help us test it out. In exchange, your organization would get to use the software at no charge. To be eligible, you must have caller ID service, a phone jack in your computer and phone line that will plug into it (it also works with Skype, so on the outside chance you use that it would work as well). If you're interested in trying it out, please respond or PM me and let us know.
COMPANY PROFILE: O-Matic Software provides non-profits with tools to eliminate tedious, inefficient, and manual processes to create automated and efficient workflows. O-matic Software, a national leader in nonprofit task automation and operational efficiency, was founded in 2002, and has been a Blackbaud Partner since 2004.
We offer seamlessly integrated solutions for the Raiser's Edge and the Financial Edge, which include: advanced importing for the Raiser's Edge, zip code segmentation for the Raiser's Edge, sales and inventory fulfillment for the Raiser's Edge, automatic email acknowledgements for ACH notices for Financial Edge, Check fraud prevention for Financial Edge, and Inventory management for the Financial Edge.
Pam Brueck
Sales & Marketing Manager
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