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MagicFolder - a free Raiser's Edge tool for document storage and management

Hi Folks, 

We've just released our newest free (that's right, free) add-on for the Raiser's Edge and we invite you to give it a try. Ever wish you had a convenient place to store documents that relate to a specific constituent, gift, fund, appeal, etc? Now you do! From nearly any record in the Raiser's Edge, you can simply select the MagicFolder link from the toolbar to open the folder specifically for that particular record.


Now you can easily centralize your documents without cluttering your Raiser's Edge database! To get started, simply download and unzip the setup application attached to this post in our MagicFolder forum, then double-click on  setup.exe and follow the prompts. When using MagicFolder for the first time, you will need to specify a shared folder location that is the "root" folder for all your folders. Simply specify a location that is shared on the network and accessible to the appropriate users. You can use either UNC (like "\\server\Directory") or mapped drive (like "N:\directory\") nomenclature, just make sure it's a shared location that is common to all users of MagicFolder. If you ever need to change the location of the root folder, just ctrl-click on the MagicFolder link to reopen the settings page.


That's all there is to it. MagicFolder is currently in "beta" version, so please let us know on this forum if you have any issues or have any feature requests for future versions. We look forward to hearing from you!
Many clients ask us how we can make a living giving away free software. The answer is simple: volume!  But if you like what we're doing, please help us out by tweeting about it, friending us on Facebook, writing to our mothers to let them know that we are contributing to society, or perhaps even checking out our other products for the Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge. Thank you as always for your support!


Jeffrey W. Montgomery
Managing Partner
O-matic Software

Jeff--thanks for this! Can you tell me if it solves the RE problem of not individual users in an office having the same file path name to that shared directory? We do have a common folder on one drive, but some people have mapped to that drive using the letter "O" or "Z" or "T" or whatever. So the guy next to you who tries to access the documents can't because his path to the file starts with a different letter. Is that what using the "\\server\Directory" format solves?

Karen Burlingame

 Hi Karen,

Yes, using a UNC Path (like "\\server\folder") instead of a mapped drive (like "T:\Folder") will solve that issue. MagicFolder could use either if (and only if) all users have the same mapped drives, which it doesn't sound like they do at your site. In that case I'd definitely recommend the UNC path format (like "\\server\folder").

Please let us know how it goes, we love to hear examples of how people are using MagicFolder!


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