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Updating Non-Constituent Guest - RE Events

Good Afternoon, 

We have started managing all of our smaller events in RE, so when the event is completed I usually get an excel document for me to update both constituent and non-constituent registrants and guest. The people with RE ID are easy to update their participation to be attended, but I am having trouble updating non-constituents. Their non-constituent guest record is in the event module, but anytime i try to match them to updated the attendance check box i get the same error which is they do not have a constituent code. Any work around for this? 


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Hi Adam,

This is something that our development team is aware of and will be resolved in the next release of IOM. Essentially IOM is trying to promote those non constituent records to full constituents and is giving you that error because your system requires a constituent code. The next update will ensure that non constituents are not promoted if you try to update their information.


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