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matching records only if deceased is no

How do I create a profile to match a spreadsheet of recently deceased patients against the database to see who needs to be updated? I'm able to match on name and address, but I only want to review the matches that are not presently listed as deceased and update only those records.

If you go in to the profile in the Constituents section you can turn on "Use side by side comparison utility" (first checkbox).

Then, when you do the import with the deceased flag set to yes, if it is different from the current setting it will pop up a window where you can chose to change the setting.
Thank you for the guidance. I have the side by side comparison checked. I am still having to review obvious matched and previously updated records which I had hoped to avoid. The list is a running two week history and is generated daily. I'd attach a print screen of an example for you, but I can't figure out how to do that!
Hi Deb, when you say the list is a running two-week list, do you mean that 13 of the 14 days covered in the list were in yesterday's report, so you only care about the one new day's worth of data because the rest of it was already processed? If so, is it possible for you to get the daily report without the overlap? Or to edit the file to only contain the last day of data? It would be pretty easy to solve this problem with vba, but it seems that getting just the data you want without the overlapping records might be the lower-hanging fruit. 


You are correct, there is overlap - intentional as coding doesn't always happen on the day someone passes away. The report was created to capture the instances of delay. My first step in dealing with the file is to sort by date of discharge and look at those first. I've been caught a couple of times by names entered on day 13 and was looking to automate and eliminate human error. I think we're almost there! The feedback from the forum has made the difference. Thanks all.
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