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Importing Recurring Gifts/Payments from Sphere

Hi - my apologies if this has already been asked, I searched the forum and hadn't seen anything quite like it.

Does anyone have experience importing recurring gifts and recurring gift payments from Sphere into RE? 

When using the connector before IOM the recurring gifts were automatically identified as such in the gift type and payments were automatically applied to the recurring gift and automatically had the correct campaign & appeal (we have a particular name for our recurring gift donors so this is different than a typical gift). This is probably the only thing I miss about the connector :) 

Now I have to go through gifts individually and apply them to the recurring gift and change the campaign/appeal in the batch, most are coming through our main donation form that general donations come through as well so it is hard to differentiate. Maybe there is something on the Sphere side that I can do? 

Any advice you have would be most appreciated! 

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