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Deleting Phone types and numbers

Hello fellow omatic-ers or is it omatic-ites?!

Every month I get back spreadsheets of bounce backs and people opting out of email blasts.  I need to delete both the phone type and number from these records, add the check off box "requests no email" and add a constituent attribute to them.  The only way in RE to accomplish this is to use the ^ to wipe out the phone number first, then use BB's plug in to delete the blank phone types.  No one can be in RE while running the plug in.  Adding the check off box and an attribute would have to be done before I delete the phones.

Ideally I'd like to run IOM to delete both the phone type and number, add the tick off box and add the attribute in one fell swoop.  Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how.

Thank you so much, in advance, for sharing your knowledge!


The phone number/type delete would have to be done with the API I think. The checkbox and the attribute can be done with normal IOM.

To delete the phone you will have to open up their record, search through all phones for the right one, and then delete it.

If you look in this thread there is some code to look through phone numbers and delete them
Rather than deleting the phone numbers or emails, I change their type.  For emails, it's 'Undeliverable Email' or 'unsubscribed Email' and phones, we use 'Disconnected Phone'.  That way you still have a record of what it used to be, but it will not pull in any Queries or reports that ask for Email or Home 'phone types'.  I think we could do this with IOM, don't you?
Is an API required to match on email address or phone number and then change the phone type to former?

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