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Regular Expression for Schools


I am working on importing data from Harris Directory and was wondering if you can share Regular Expression for Schools/Universities rather than building a dictionary from scratch since there are so many of them.


Many thanks,



Hi Catherine, I assume you are looking to just translate the names directly like a standard dictionary? Ex. CofC equals College of Charleston?
Thanks for your response. Yes but also a combination of various descriptions such as Univ. of Florida = University of Florida; St. Francis = Saint Francis University, for example.
Hi Catherine, since there are so many variations in these table entries it would be very difficult for a regular expression to know how to translate each entry. This can be a process to create for most clients since this field is a table. I would recommend exporting out your school table in to excel and building the dictionary entries there. It can be a lot quicker to add the entries in Excel and then copy/paste the entries to a new dictionary. Hopefully if time is spent in the beginning setup of this table it will cause for less work in the long run. Hope this helps some!
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