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Amending Recurring Gift


I have just created a profile for amending recurring gifts, however I cannot find how to untick the resend advance notice - can anyone help please?


many thanks



Are you referring to the "Send Reminders" checkbox, or somthing else?

Hi Marie


On the amendment screen is a check box for resend advance notice.  This is automatically populated when an amendment is made, however this stops the Recurring Gift from claiming, so I am looking for somewhere in the IoM profile to uncheck.


Hope that this makes sense.




Hi Shirley, Marie,

Sorry to stick my nose in, but the confusion might stem from the fact that ANLs are a specific to direct debits. Consequently they are a phenomenon specific to Europe (if not the UK - I'd have to check).

Omatic do have access to a UK-version of Raiser’s Edge, but I suppose it's possible they've overlooked this field.

Hi Shirley,
I don't see that on my recurring gifts screen. Could you post a screenprint?

Hi Marie


I wish I could help but we don't use that feature. Sorry! It may be a question for support.
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