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USPS Address Format

I'm very new to Omatic and was wondering if anyone knows how I can get rid of the "." in the address?  I do have a file I was given from my trainer to put the address in USPS format, but it doesn't get rid of the "." it does do the abbreviations.  For instance, if I have an address 405 W. 95th Street, it will abbreviate Street to St but it won't remove the "." after the W.  I have attached the file I was given.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Hi Cindy,

I don't see the file you attached, but I believe you may be referring to the AddressAbbreviations(Short).xlsx file available toward the bottom of this forum post:

In the dictionary, you should see that the directional indicators, such as "West" or "W." are designed to be replaced without punctuation. Additionally, there are two entries at the bottom of the dictionary to remove periods and commas, specifically.

It's possible that some of the elements were not copied over correctly during the first attempt. Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of the dictionary and creating a new copy in ImportOmatic?


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