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When import into RE duplcate records are showing up.

Or visa versa 

How to get all duplcates out before and after merging records from web.



Hi Wesley,

Are you saying ImportOmatic is creating duplicate records in the Raiser's Edge? Or are you saying you have a lot of duplicate records and ImportOmatic shows them to you when you import and you want to resolve them. If the first one, post a message with specifics about it here, if the second one, download and run MergeOmatic from here to analyze your duplicates.



I have the following setup for all of my the IOM imports that we do.

1. Records imported as new records receive a note that indicates the record was added via an IOM import.
2. Existing records receive a note that indicates it was updated via an IOM import.

These notes are added using defaults in RE, that I update with the specifics of the import.

As I'm analyzing duplicate records I can easily identify that the record was created via IOM and I can review the import profile to see why it was not matched and adjust my profiles accordingly.

Also, MergeOmatic is great because you can run a duplicate search based on a query, so when IOM creates the query of new records, I can scan that to see if those records have duplicates in the database. I can't say enough good things about MergeOmatic and highly encourage you to try it if you haven't already. Even if you can't purchase additional hits (which will be hard once you see how easy merging records is), it is still a much better merging tool than the Standard RE one.

Hi Eddye,

Great idea. Have you found any trends while doing this? Any issues you haven't been able to solve?


Mostly the issues are within my profile or duplicate configuration and a quick tweak to the profile fixes the issues. 

However, I did notice couple of times in my import that a person is an exact match, but they do not show up in the search result, so, I search for them directly and the match score is coming up as 0. It is not a spouse record or a non-constituent record. It is currently being reviewed by the support team. 


Hi Eddye,

I came across your posting and found it interesting about "MergeOmatic is great because you can run a duplicate search based on a query". Are you talking about running this before you import the data or after you import the data.


Thanks, Kelly

After you import the data. However, if you are importing into List Management, it does search non-constituent records. To clarify my statement, I meant that I could create a query and run a duplicate search on the records in the query instead of the complete database.
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