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How to Remove Attributes from Attribute Tab, from Constituent Record

 Hi. I have tried setting up a profile that will remove certain attributes form records. But am having trouble and it iis not working. From what I have read, you can only remove attributes by specifiying the specific attribute description. So you would have to say on the field map or virtual fields sections, to remove attribute-description of "Middle class income type person" (just for example) for the attribute-category of "people in Detroit, MI". I don't think I can say remove all the attributes with the category of "people in Detroit, MI". Correct me if iam wrong.


 I found this : That says you need to create the profile like you  are adding the attribute. Then include a field to say to remove the contstituent attribute. This will not add new attributes, but will remove any that are like the ones you put on the profile.


 Are there any prerequisites for this to work? If you know how to do this, any help would be appreciated!




 We have IOM V.  An older version I know. But what are IS department has currently installed.

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Hi Joshua,

Does your import file have the value "remove" or "Remove" mapped to the "Attribute - Remove" field?  For example:  

In version 2.4.2 it only needs to match on the description in order to remove the attribute.  In version 2.5 and later it must match on the category and description.

Matching on date and comments are optional - to make it match on those fields, include them in the mapping and file.  If you don't want to match on those, omit them.






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