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new user: looking for help with Zip code formatting

Hi all, We are new users of IOM and have just discovered that when importing zip codes using our new IOM Profiles, the zips are not actually formatting properly unless we actually OPEN and SAVE the record in Raiser's Edge.  A Zip+4 is showing up as 123456789 until we go in and access the Constituent record and Save it manually, at which point it formats properly to 12345-6789.  

This is a major issue for us, as this will impact all of our exports from RE and having to access each record detracts from the efficiency of our processes.  I am guessing there must be some regex or something that can prevent this from occurring.  Of course, we would need to account for some zips only being 5 digits while others have the zip+4, some having leading zeros and all the usual situations.  

Have others already tackled these problems that might be willing to help us out?  Right now I have a weeks worth of data to scrub & your assistance before it gets even worse would be very much appreciated!


Thank you,

Angie Gilbert 

Information Systems Specialist

SUNY Cortland

Cortland, NY



Hi Angie,

A simple dictionary can help with this.

The data is coming in as 123456789 so we need to add that dash in the middle

The replacement value would be

The Match value would be

Make sure to check the "Use Regular Expressions" check box!


Once you have the dictionary set up you can apply it to the field and it should put that dash in there for you.



Thank you, Wayne. I have added that as a line to our Dictionary that was already ensuring our leading zeros were not getting stripped. It looks like this will do the trick. What a relief!!
And thanks for the speedy response, too! Angie
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