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Data From and Whipple Hill

Big Picture...  I want to automate my online giving to go through an Omatic import into a Batch.  I am currently using as the credit card company and Whipple Hill as the website.    I would like to use the data from Whipple Hill as the data that is collected on line is more extensive then the Data.  However,  I can not seem to create an export that will give me all of the data it only gives me a subset.    ( I have also had this problem when working with 'Final Site".   

Thus I have resorted to taking the data from Authorize.NET  which is a problem as I would really like to import the gift dates,  but gives me dates in the following format   05-Jun-2014 02:58:18 PM EDT.  Omatic is not reading this date and for that matter neither is EXCEL.   Perhaps I need a "reg statement"?     Are others experiencing this problem?  Am I approaching this whole import incorrectly?   Any advise would be helpful.  Thanks

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Omatic helped me with this! email me at and I will send you the dictionary. I import all my AN batches. :)
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