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Attributes being added to the spouse records

When I am trying to import individual r/s (of spouses) into RE, everything works perfect except the attribute that I have set up for the main constituent  is copied into the spouse.  The attribute is in regards to consent that the first parent gave their permissions to but not their spouse.  So how could I import an attribute only for the first record but not the second? Or how could I have another type of attribute added to the spouse record but not the first record?

Thank you,


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Hi Kiddy,

If the attribute is being "copied" to the spouse, there may be a virtual field that is setup to copy the Constituent Attribute to an Individual (relationship) Attribute.

If the attribute is showing only on the spouse and not the primary constituent, you may have incorrectly mapped the attribute to Individual Attribute rather than Constituent Attribute.

Do either of these scenarios apply?

Amanda Tetanich, bCRE
Software Trainer | Omatic Software
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