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International Postal Codes

Hi All,

Does anyone have any tips for International addresses and postal codes? We currently use the dictionary to add the leading zero to postal codes, but I'm looking for a way to exclude addresses with a country other than US. Australian zip codes can only be 4 characters in RE, so when we import Australian addresses, they create exceptions due to the leading zero postal code dictionary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I've been using the Regular Expression:  $1 $2 = (^\D\d\D(?=\d\D\d))((?<=^\D\d\D)\d\D\d$)  to add a space to Canadian postal codes

but now I need to check for dashes and replace them with spaces.  Test data would be "V0V-0V0"

Any suggestions?  Thanks much.

Hi Ashley,

Since Australian zip codes are 4 numeric digits, rather than a mix of letters and numbers like other non-US post codes, it's not possible to have a single dictionary be able to differentiate between the two countries' codes.  Doing so would require that we look at other address elements in addition to the zip code to know it's from Australia.  Dictionaries can only reference a single column.

However, there is another solution! In the update to ImportOmatic, we added the ability to generate exceptions deliberately.  This allows the user to exclude certain rows from an import, so that they may be run through a separate process.  You could use this functionality to isolate the Australia addresses and then run them through a separate profile that does not utilize the US zip code dictionary.  I wrote a blog explaining the process, which you might find helpful!


Amanda Tetanich, bCRE 

Software Trainer | Omatic Software


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