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RE Query Engine API (REQUEX7)

Hi all,

I am trying to use the RE Query Engine API (REQUEX7) to change the category of a number of queries in a batch.  I came across the REQUEX7 API and the CQueryServer Class.  There is a method listed in Object Browser called ChangeQueryCategory.  However, the method is not available in code.  There are other methods in that class that are available in code, but that one (and others such as GetQueryCategory) are not.

Does anyone know why this is?



I made another discovery.  When I set Embed Interop Types to false I can then refer to the CQueryServerClass directly (not go through the interface) and it finds GetQueryCategory.  However when I execute the code, I get a run time error saying that it can't find Interop.BBInterfaces.

This is a Blackbaud API question and we typically do not support questions about their API.

Are you using the PIA libraries provided in the RE PIA folder? It is recommended that you do since referencing the files in the DLL folder will instead create an Interop. file.

The method you are looking for actually comes from the IBBQueryServer interface. You can cast your object to that type and then be able to call the method.

Worst case scenario when dealing with Blackbaud objects is to resort to late binding with CreateObject. The ProgID for that object is REQuEx7.CQueryServer.
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