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Finder numbers for direct mail

Hi fellow RE users,

My organization is brand new to a year-round direct mail campaign, and we're working with a fundraising consultant group who is carrying out the program on our behalf. They will send over a finder file for each of our acquisition mailings. Process-wise, I am not entering this information into Raiser's Edge since this list is of non-donors. 

However, when someone from the acquisition/finder file donates, it'll be helpful to record their Finder Number and Marketing Source Code in the donor's Appeals Tab. For future acquisition mailings, this Finder Number will help our vendor recognize that they should pull this donor from acquisitions. 

Does anyone suggest a protocol for how to track these donors that come from acquisition files and enter their Finder Number? We don't have the Blackbaud Direct Mail module and will not have it in the foreseeable future, so if you know of a good workaround, please share. I also don't want to add redundant work where I or the database specialist has to go through each new donor and manually add their Finder Number... 


IOM has a list management module that specifically addresses this I believe!

Hi Joanne,

In addition to List Management, where you could load the entire acquisition list as non-constituent list members, you can include the Finder Number and Marketing Source Code when you import your gifts.


These will import to the Appeals tab so you can use them for future mailings.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

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