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Importing Tributes

Does anyone else use IOM to import tributes into RE from a software called raisin? Raisin is a software product from a company called AKA New media located in Toronto Cda.

We use tributes to track our peer-to-peer events and have just launched our first one on the raisin system. So now we need to create profiles and have come up against a wall.


I need to figure out how to get the tributes created using the standardized flat file data raisin generates. I am running into an issue with groups as when they register the contact person automatically becomes a captain and a fundraising page is created for the captain. While raisin does create import and participant id's, in this case, it creates it for the captain not the group.


I am pretty sure the group gets an import id as I have found it in another report, but need to know if it will come into the flat file. As well as any suggestions on how to create the necessary profiles I need to import the data





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